Model turned actor Roshan Ranawana aspires for Bond role

Roshan Ranawana is a well known young actor. He started his career by acting in the movie Hiripodawessa in 2006. Following are the excerpts of a tete-a-tete The Nation had with him.

Model turned actor Roshan Ranawana aspires for Bond role!

Here are some questions and answers interview held by Lakna Paranamanna with him.

Q: What film are you working in these days?

A: I am currently busy with work in a new movie Rosa Kele; it is directed by Sanjaya Nirmal and I am working in this movie with a South Indian actress; Monica. I have invitations for two new movies and I will be starting work on an action movie soon. My new movie Asai man piyabanna will be released in November.

Q: How did you start your career?

A: I actually started off as a model. It is actually because of my mother that I became an actor. She is the one who sent in my application for an audition for a new movie and I was chosen. That was the push that got me going. So it is actually my mother who should get all the credit.

Q: Did you always want to be an actor?

A: My childhood ambition was to be a scientist. Eventually it faded away because I became more interested in other activities such as sports, so I couldn’t really put in all the hard work required to be a scientist. I never had any ambition to be an actor ever.

Q: Tell us something about your family?

A: My family includes my father, my mother and my younger brother.

Q: Are you happy with what you have achieved so far?

A: Yes, definitely. I started my career only in 2006 and in that same year I won the award for upcoming actor. So, I think I have achieved a lot in a short period of time and I am really happy about that.

Q: What would you have done with yourself if you had not become an actor?

A: I would have definitely become a model, if I didn’t start a career in this field because I really enjoyed my work as a model.

Q: Is there any particular future role that you would like to be cast in?

A: I cannot mention anything in particular, but I would be happy if I got the chance to play a movie role similar to James Bond.

Q: What are the most memorable moments in your life?

A: Well, the most memorable moments in my life are the awards that I got while I was working as a model; Mr. Sri Lanka in 2002, 7th place in Manhunt International-China, and wining the third place in Best Model of the Year competition in 2003. The first movie that I acted in is also a very memorable event for me.

Q: Among the roles you’ve played so far, which one is your favourite?

A: I think it is the role in Hiripodawessa. I like it because the role I portrayed has characteristics similar to my personality; it actually made me think of my teenage years.

Q: How do you see life?

A: I think that life is a very valuable thing; but sadly there are very few people who realise this. In life, some people just get lucky enough to get things by chance, some others don’t; they have to strive hard for it The key to live life in a fruitful manner is to be happy with what you have got and to make the best out of it.

Q: What are your future hopes and dreams?

A: For the moment, my only hope is to become a really good and memorable actor, and to be really stable in this field.