Dee R Cee Members - Young Sri Lankan Music Group


1998 Dinesh and I my self begin our music performances in Halpe. 1999 a play directed by Mr. Peter Wellambage stage at Katuwapitiya Church . Dinesh had a opportunity to direct music and both of us had a chance to sing and act. Casette “Yauwanaya Awadiwenna” was released. Mr. Wellambage's “Kurusiya Matha Miyadunemi” play gave us a opportunity to direct music, singing and acting.

In year 2000, out 1 st song was recorded and we record another 2 songs which are “e-lover” and “Sithe Sathsara”. E-lover was written in English and we have to find a singer for the English songs. Master B. Victor Perera, Kalani Perera, Hashini Halpe, Ananda Dabare gave hand to Dinesh to over come his hopes.

Dee R Cee Members

Musician Stanley Perera help dinesh to work with him in his music band. In 2003, Jayantha Buwa (Musician from Negombo) gave the “Monalisa” song in create a perfect song. Winner of several karaoke performances and singer of western songs, chandimal join with us and we had the beginning with our Dee R Cee members (D-Dinesh, R-Randu, C-Chandu and members). We had separate two violins and dinesh was played member of musical instruments. This was a gift to us. In recently about 40 artists gave perfoemances to record the “Monalisa” and two other songs (Monalisa and Sonduru Nimnaye)

“Ma Sandaha Samindano” our second casset and VCD released after that.

Dee R Cee Members participated the “Magic Fingers” show giving directions, singing and playing. “Hummanaya” teledrama was given the music direction from Dee R Cee. Our thanks goes to Mr. Chandrarathna Mapitigama, Director Mr. Udaya Dharmawardhana gave help to product the “”Momalisa” and “Sonduru Nimnaye” video production. Our special thanks to Mr. Dharmawardhana, Mr. Mapitigama taken dinesh's music directions to his products. “Suwanda Paya Nowe”, “Suwanda Pirunu Mal”, “Sara Saha Subha”, “Ekbithi”

Mr. Hema Nalin Karunarathne gave hand to Dinesh to direct the music to the “Dutu Nodutu” famous program in Swarnawahini.

Also we would like to thank those who help us on our carrier some of as our society including Mr. Anura Fernando, Mr. Clifferd Maray, Peter Wellambage, Clittes Mendis, Chandrarathne Mappitigama, the staff including Mr. Ocshan and Mr. Hema Nalin Karunarathne and our loving parents.