H e s h (Heshara Wijayathilake) - Sri Lankan Talented Hip-Hop Artist, Singer, Lyrics And Writer Based In CMB

H e s h (Heshara Wijayathilake) born March 16th 1984, is a Sri Lankan Hip-hop artist
(Singer / lyrics writer) based in CMB, Soon after his studies, he joined one of the multinational Telecom Company & presently working for International Bank in CMB.

He released his very first song Matanam (Album version) which is still playing on most of the FM stations (Y FM & etc). For this song the lyrics & music was done by Rakitha Welangoda. His innovations and creativity in music has been another focal point in his carrier to perceive to attract international markets in the near future.

Presently Hesh is in the process of filming his newest video for his latest song Oya Nethu (Eyes on you) which is due to be released.

"I would finally like to thank Rakitha of Rakitha Productions & all the media partners, my parents and friends who have always helped and supported me - H e s h "