Panduka Mahanama - Sri Lankan Great Young Talent

Biography For Panduka Mahanama

Panduka Mahanama Says;

I am Panduka Mahanama, was born on 26th of September 1981. I am the eldest of my family, I have two brothers and one sister. I started my music life when I was schooling. I attended St. Aloysius College in Galle. I was the keyboardist and the vocalist of mostly western songs of our Super Playing at the leading hostels in down south. I have a trip band called “Xtream” apart from playing hotels. We play at various functions such as weddings, dinner dances etc.

I can play keyboard piano and the guitar. When I was schooling I Participated in several competitions and there I could achieve so many victories.

In my music career, my turning point was Sirasa Superstar Season 2 in 2007. There I was able to get into the final 48. After this I could begin my music career as a professional artist with the launch of my first music video it is called “Adare”. I hope to do and album of mine in the near future. I hope to do my own concerts all over the island, and try to take my music style overseas also. I like slow rock, Rnb and pop music. Still I learn about music and always trying to do is to maintain my own image. It should be unique all over the Sri Lanka with lot of experiments.

In my career, I wanna thank my teachers, Specially, Lankanath Sir and Kudahetti Sir. They help me a lot when I was in school, their guidance brought me to where I am today I wanna thank my friends, especially Thiwanka who wrote the lyrics of my first song “Adare” and Mahima Sooriarachchi who composed my song. He is very talented young composer. I wanna thank everyone who supported me in my journey of music from the bottom of my heart. My parents, I am very lucky and proud to be their son. They are the best parents in this world. Thanks you Ammi and Thaththi for being with me all the time. Find I love all if my fans here and overseas who call me everyday and encouraging me. I hope all of you will be with me like today in my whole music career. You are the people who strengthen me every time. I wanna thank my fans from the bottom of my heart. And wanna say I love them all.