Thiwanka Lakmal - Sri Lankan Talented Young Artist

Biography For Thiwanka Lakmal

The path of day to day life styles sometimes tends to reverberate with an unexpected energy which comes suddenly with Music. With Lakmal this is more than a reverberation! The whole story started with a toy keyboard gifted to him when he was 11 years old, by a family friend who perhaps sensed the child’s bustling energy towards Music. The Melodies he played with this gift made his neighborhood to treat him as an enjoyable, music maker. This talent of Lakmal made the nature of youngsters then, a soothing one. Pursuing his entire education at St. Anthony’s College Kandy with equal skills towards his studies and sports, Music inspired most at the end of each crowded and exhaustive days.

For his 16th birthday his parents gifted him a keyboard with more functions to update his pitch to a remarkable variety of scale, to which he thinks, is the best timely gift he had ever received. While setting up his capabilities of creating a new wave of music, Rukshan Mark – a famous singer & a producer, found him and gave the best boost to create brand new types of fascinating music. This is now being identified as a completely novel form of music – Rhythm & Ballads….
Lakmal is eternally grateful to the immense support he receives from Rukshan with whom he is currently composing music.