Diliup Gabadamudalige - Sri Lankan Keyboardist, Composer, Arranger, Lyricist, Producer & Performer

Diliup Gabadamudalige, from Sri Lanka, is a Keyboardist, Composer, Arranger, Lyricist, Producer and Performer. Performing in Sri Lanka and abroad for over 20 years, Diliup is now semi retired as of 2005 and performs only at selected gigs. He was the Music Director of Young Asia Television (YA TV) from its inception till December 2003. Diliup is the Pioneer of MIDI music and Computer based music production in Sri Lanka. He introduced these systems to Sri Lanka as far back as 1986. Constant demonstrations over various television channels made many people aware of the use and the value of computers in music.

He pioneered the Institute of Computer Music Technology in 2002. Many have passed out of this institute and opened studios in many parts of the country. Diliup's vision is to spread the technology away from the city and to make it a home based business. Looking at the spread of computer based recording studios in the country, it can be easily said that his dream has become a reality.

Diliup also introduced Computer Animation to Sri Lanka when in 1988 he produced many of his music videos with the local ITN Television station using an Atari computer for the Graphics work chroma keyed onto the studio shots. Later he started using an Amiga 4000 and did many Tv commercials. Due to his busy schedule, he had to drop the animation work in the mid 1990s. As of December 2005, he is back with much enthusiasm working with Lightwave 3D on a new animated cartoon series. More about Diliup's work and achievements can be found on the Music, Services and Awards Pages.

He studied Piano under Mrs. Manel Weerasinghe and the Violin under Mrs. Eileen Prins. He is a prize winner in Piano from the Trinity College of Music London. He was also the leader of the Junior Symphony Orchestra of Sri Lanka under Mrs. Carmel Raffel for two years.

A product of Royal College, Colombo, Diliup was a pioneer member of the Royal College Band, and was the main organizer of the school's first ever musical show in the '70s titled "Drosophila" (zoological name of a fruit fly).

Diliup composed his first piece of music on the piano when he was around 11 years.