D'Tap - Sri Lankan Young Music Band

(D'Tap Crew)

D'Tap started and back in 2002 as a group of college students of Rahula College Matara. Tharindu and Pramudith shouldered the responsibility of taking initiative first.
They did their first live performance as a sextet in 2002 April with 4 other college friends at ANDANTE 2002 western music concert

Mean while Tharindu and Pramudith added their different flava to their exclusive remixes which they did separately as DJ Thari of Unlimited DJ Zone and DJ Marc of SPICE DJs.

In late 2004 Other two members of D'Tap, Dayan (Shakin) and Dimuthu (D.P ) joined the crew and DP wrote the Nethkonin lyrics and it helped to make D'Tap to make their own identity.


The Lead Vocalist, Rapper and a Lyrics Writer. He very popular as a good singer, and he is also a good sportsman. He represented his school as a soccer player. Maybe his sports life also helped to improve his patience and courage which has been a major reason for his success.
Not only his singing ability, but his strong personality, great efficiency and dedication are also the futures of his success as a singer. slowly but surely he has become the one of the most talented singers in Sri Lanka.
So everyone hopes that this friendly, simple minded musician will reach very high standards in his musical life.


Vocalist, The Composer and The Producer. He is the great figure of the crew. His unique sound effects and different flavor of compositions have made D'Tap as a band which has their own identity. He started composing music when he was only 16 years old. He is the scholarship winner of Western Music in Rahula College Matara Year 2004 – 2005 and he is an Island level winner of Piano Music. He is going to make a different Flavor of music to the Sri Lankan music scene through D'Tap. Get ready to rock with his compositions and the unique sounds of D'Tap.


The Backup Vocalist, Rapper and The Coordinator. Music is his favorite past time. However he's not the only ordinary teenager who is Satisfied merely listening to Music. Anyone who listens to radio will be familiar with Pramudith's Voice, remixes and his own musical compositions. Anything from contemporary Hip Hop to smooth blues get him going.
Apart from Music he has a passion for computing and web designing. Browsing through the Sri Lankan sites on the net, you will come across many of his creations.
Yet, close-up he is a sensitive and easy going person.