Waruna Mashushanka Pieris - Sri Lankan Young Music Star

Waruna Mashushanka Pieris, was born on 26 th October 1983 . He was the eldest of my family which have two sisters. He started his music life on age 14. From his dad's band as a keyboard player. Started his own band when he was doing O/L's. but unfortunately he had to stop it when he was doing A/L's. After that he started his career as a on man artist. He performed on hotels and functions which was at Colombo . He can play all instruments. He played Rock Band Guitar at that time. When he was 18 years old he played the bass guitar.

When he was 21 years old the turning point of his life came, Sirasa Super Star. It was his first competition. After that he started his career as a professional artist.

His first CD Album was released with M Entertainment which is "Obai Mamai." He planned to do concerts “Waruna Live in Concert” in all the main towns in Sri Lanka in future.

He did 1 visual “Alawantha Hendewa” for his album and planned to do 3 more visuals for the famous songs

Kinnara Nagare
Obai Mamai
Vil Sanda Diye

Currently he is working as a Promotion Manager in Lakspray and working as a presenter in Sirasa. While participating to musical shows.